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Sashiko Studio

Many of my handstitched patterns are inspired from designs that are hundreds of years old, almost all have underlying meanings.
Baby Shoes
Callingwood Farmers Market 2019 Poster
Up-cycled fingerless gloves
Card Wallets
Selecting just the right shade.
Sashiko Studio Handcrafted Japanese

Welcome to Sashiko Studio, thank you for visiting.  I have always had a passion for fabric, textile design and handwork. When I discovered the simple geometric designs of the Japanese craft of Sashiko, I was captivated. These modern looking patterns in fact date back over 500 years and where originally used as a mending, and quilting technique, on clothing and household goods. My work combines the authentic hand stitching techniques and patterns with modern colors and materials to produce contemporary products with an ageless beauty.

As I discover more patterns and learn the history and meanings of each design, I am beginning to understand that Sashiko is more than just a simple running stitch. Sashiko is handwork that turns the everyday task of mending into a beautiful artistic media, to express values, sentiments and sometimes even spiritual protection.

I began my full time career, producing and promoting Sashiko in 2008, and I look forward to continuing Sashiko needlework for many years to come.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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